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The World’s energy demands are rapidly changing. We are in a paradigm shift that is focused on clean sources of electricity and transportation. The ONLY way for a successful clean energy transformation, is to drastically increase copper’s intensity in renewable power generation, and in automobiles move off oil into electric.

Copper’s importance in energy transition and decarbonization

Clean energy (Wind & Solar) requires 4-6 times more copper than fossil fuel sources

Offshore wind power requires 21,000 pounds of copper per megawatt

Electric Vehicles require 4X more copper (183 pounds) vs traditional combustion engines

What is decarbonization?

  • Decarbonization is essential for companies who want reduce their impact on climate change
  • Decarbonization is the process of reducing carbon dioxide (CO²) emissions
  • Excelsior Mining’s ISR mine pumps the copper out of the ground and does not move any ore
  • The result is, Excelsior does not need earth moving trucks, which creates the world’s lowest carbon footprint copper mine
  • Excelsior is not only creating the copper required for a greener world, but is doing so environmentally

Excelsior Mining understands the importance of reducing our CO² emissions to create a greener future for the next generation. Our innovative ISR mining method help to significantly reduce:

  • Carbon footprint (no earth moving)
  • Water consumptio
  • Dust, air and sound pollution

Clean copper at the source.

Excelsior’s Gunnison copper mine is the world’s most eco-friendly copper project. Gunnison’s ISR technology significantly reduces pollution, water consumption and near eliminates a carbon footprint. Our goal is to contribute to a more environmentally conscious future of mining.

The World wants a cleaner version of copper

Both the public, and copper buyers are now insisting that copper, and other metals, come from clean, and sustainable mining practices. Copper producers are adjusting by attempting to reduce emissions, and buying carbon offset credits .Excelsior’s Gunnison Copper Mine is uniquely positioned, by already being the greenest source of copper.

Copper, Green Energy & Infrastructure

Excelsior Mining is providing the essential metal for the electrification of our energy & transportation infrastructure. In a wholistic approach, their process is the cleanest environmentally and can produce copper with virtual zero carbon emissions. As the need for more electricity infrastructure continues to grow, the demand for copper will increase at an immense rate. As governments and corporations evaluate their roles in reducing climate change, Excelsior Mining stands out as the clear choice for investing in the production of copper; the metal powering our energy revolution